Interested in having always the same drivers?

1. Your drivers

Invite as many drivers as you like and create your own "Dream Team".

2. Your trip

No more phone calls: just indicate your starting point and destination.

3. Your choice

For all your drivers, JoCarry will give you the availability and price of the trip. Choose, click, it's ordered!

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Accessible to all

No need to get a credit card. You can use JoCarry from A to Z with cash.

Save your time

No need to call your drivers.
Your time is precious. Keep it.

No stress

You choose your Jo in full knowledge of the facts. Before ordering, you are always informed about the price of the trip and the payment methods accepted (cash, credit card, etc.). When you arrive at your destination, you pay your Jo.

Your banking data is 100% secured

We never ask for banking information because it is the best way to secure your account.

If you wish to pay for your trip with a card, check that your Jo has a card reader beforehand.

Fair price, right price

If the price is suitable to you be informed that it is calculated on the basis of tariffs freely fixed by your Jo.

In this way, we are sure that you and your Jo will always be happy to get a ride together.

"Getting your Jo's is more comfortable and safer."

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Frequently Asked Questions.

  • General information

  • How does JoCarry work?

    Did you meet a nice driver, a particularly rigorous one or simply a driver whose company is appreciated by you? Did you ask him for his phone number to use his services?

    Unfortunately, calling takes time, costs you money and limits you to a very limited number of drivers.

    Make your life easier. With JoCarry in just a few minutes you can check the availability of your drivers. Then... Choose, click, it's ordered. Your Jo is on the way. Are you arrived? Pay your Jo and it's settled.

  • Is JoCarry free?

    It all depends on your use.

    When you create your account, 15 "JoDollars" are offered to you. This small, relaxing gift will allow you to create your own "Dream Team" and get to know our environment better.

    • When you start a query to see the availability of drivers, 1 Jo$ is withdrawn from your account.
    • In response, JoCarry will tell you the fare for all available drivers.

    Good news: the price of the trip always includes a 1 Jo$ discount. So if you go a little bit further with your Jo, using JoCarry becomes FREE!

  • Is JoCarry a service or tool?

    JoCarry is a tool.

    You can achieve the same result by calling your drivers. However, this is a long and cumbersome process. We wanted to provide a simple and effective solution to this problem.

    Being a tool means that JoCarry is not responsible for the choice and services of your drivers. It is also important not to confuse the use of JoCarry - with the "in-app" sale of Jo$ - with the services of your driver - which you pay at the end of the race -.

  • How do I create a "Passenger" account on JoCarry?

    It's very simple.

    • If you have an iPhone, click on "Download on the App Store" in the menu.
    • If you are on Android, click on "GET IT ON Google play" in the menu.

    Download JoCarry to your smartphone and launch the application. Then simply fill out the account creation form.

  • How do I fund my account with Jo$?

    Several options are available.

    If you are on iPhone, you can buy Jo$ straight from the App Store. If you are on Android, it happens on Google Play. Various payment methods are available. If you want to pay in cash your Jo$, it is also possible to buy a prepaid card (App Store or Google Play) in a supermarket.

    For your safety, we never ask for any banking information.

  • Do I need a credit card to create a Passenger account?


    We wanted JoCarry to be open to everyone because we think we all deserve to have our own Jo's.
    It is therefore possible to use JoCarry only with cash.

    • To pay your Jo: when you start a request, all the payment methods accepted by your Jo are displayed. Make sure your Jo accepts cash payments.

    • To buy Jo$: you can buy a prepaid card in a supermarket:"App Store" or "Google Play". Pay your card in cash and credit your JoCarry account with it.

  • Ordering

  • Are trips cheaper with JoCarry?

    That is entirely possible.

    Unlike other companies, we do not apply a surcharge based on supply and demand. Moreover, we do not take commission on the price of the trip. Our main source of income comes from the sale of the Jo$.

    The price that we display is calculated on the basis of tariffs freely fixed by your Jo. It is therefore possible that your Jo will give you back a discount on part of the commissions usually collected. If so, JoCarry is the most economical solution.

  • Is the fare fixed?


    The price is always fixed. In addition, you are always informed of it before submitting your order. It includes: the possible expenses of approach, your pickup and your trip to your destination.

    This is, of course, the price of the direct trip. If you want your Jo to make one or more diversions, inform him/her about your wish. Your Jo will increase the price of the trip according to the desired diversion.

    Attention, the other costs inherent to your trip are not included in the price. For example: waiting, parking, tolls or cleaning charges.

  • Is it possible to make a reservation?


    It is not possible to book your Jo in advance. However, you can activate the "geolocation" option at any time. This option allows your Jo to know, according to all his customers, the most relevant place to wait. Therefore, if you plan to order your Jo, activate the "geolocation" option as soon as possible (e. g. one hour before).

  • After my trip, do I receive a receipt?


    Upon arrival at your destination, you will receive a detailed e-mail including the price of your trip and the way taken.

  • What happens if I cancel my order or miss my driver?

    If you are not present at the pick-up address, your Jo receives no compensation. Therefore, it is always in your Jo's best interest to pick you up. Moreover, it is only at the pickup address that your Jo can inform us - via the application - that you are not present.

    • If you are not present at the pick-up address, your JoCarry account will be debited 9Jo$.
    • If you cancel an order in progress (before the arrival of your Jo), your account will be charged 5Jo$.

    It is always in your best interest to let us know as soon as possible that you no longer wish to use your Jo's service.

  • Drivers

  • How many Jo's can I have?

    There are no limits. Therefore, you can have as many Jo's as you want.

    Also note that you have the right to invite any driver already present or not on JoCarry.

  • What happens if all my drivers are unavailable?

    No stress, at JoCarry we love the cooperative economy. When your Jo is unavailable, your Jo suggests drivers that he has pre-selected. JoCarry allows drivers to exchange trips without going through an intermediary.

    In order to receive as many trips as possible, your Jo will recommend the drivers who have the highest number of customers. Good news: they're the best drivers.

  • Can I give my Jo a tip?

    Of course.

    If you feel it is well deserved, never hesitate.

  • Privacy policy

  • Am I permanently geolocated?


    In order to be able to send you your receipt, you are geolocated when you order your Jo. This geolocation ends when you arrive at your destination.

    In addition, you are also geolocated if you activate the "Geolocation"option. This option allows your Jo to know, according to all his customers, the most relevant place to wait. In order to be taken into account, we recommend that you activate this option as soon as possible (e. g. one hour before).

    Apart from these two cases, no geolocation is done.

  • Are my data sold to third parties?


    Our policy is very clear: we do not sell any data to third parties.


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