Manage as many customers as you want.




Interested in developing a Customer Portfolio?

1. Your customers

Invite as many customers as you wish and create your "Customer Portfolio".

2. Your status

No need to answer the phone: just mention if you are available.

3. Your orders

All your customers are informed immediately about your availability and price.
One click and you receive the order.

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Optimize your potential in a few clicks.

Boost your visibility

Make it easy for your customers to use your services. With JoCarry your customers can instantly see if you are available.

Set your prices freely and ride without stress

Before each order we calculate your price and inform your customer about it. In this way, we are sure that you and your customer will always be happy to get a ride together.

Keep your costs under control

At JoCarry there is no commission. When your customer makes a request, he pays $1Jo$. When you accept his order, 1Jo$ is deducted from the price of the trip.

Work smarter and win trips

Are you unavailable? In this case, you recommend the drivers of your choice to your customers. Are your colleagues unavailable? They're the ones who recommend you..

"It's more comfortable and profitable to be a Jo."

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Frequently Asked Questions.


  • How does JoCarry work?

    Did you meet an interesting customer, a regular customer or simply a customer whose company is appreciated by you? Did you give your telephone number so that he/she can call your services?

    Unfortunately, this requires you to juggle with your phone and limits you to a very limited number of customers.

    Speed up your speed! With JoCarry, your customers can see your availability and price instantly. You are unavailable and would like to propose an alternative?

    • When you are unavailable, you recommend the drivers of your choice to your customers.
    • When your colleagues are unavailable, they recommend you.

    Everything is done automatically. Your only task is to let us know if you are available.

  • Is JoCarry free for the driver?


    Our main source of income comes from the sale of Jo$. For your information, Jo$ is purchased by customers.

    • When a customer requests to see the availability of his/her drivers, 1 Jo$ is withdrawn from his/her account.
    • In response, JoCarry informs him/her of the fare for each of his/her drivers.

    The price of the trip always includes a 1 Jo$ discount. As a result, if the trip is performed, it costs the driver 1Jo$.

  • What is the profile of a Jo Driver?

    JoCarry is a tool that allows drivers to optimize customer management. Since you have to be available a minimum, JoCarry is not suitable for occasional drivers.

    Therefore, JoCarry is intended for professional drivers who work full time.

  • How do I create a Driver account on JoCarry?

    It's very simple.

    • If you have an iPhone, click on "Download on the App Store" in the menu.
    • If you are on Android, click on "GET IT ON Google play" in the menu.

    Download JoCarry to your smartphone and launch the application. Then simply fill out the account creation form.


  • How is the fare calculated?

    With JoCarry you can set your tariffs freely. When a customer makes a request, we calculate and inform him or her of your price. Of course it is impossible to change your tariffs (and therefore the price) for a ongoing trip!

    We calculate the price of the trip according to time and distance. The price of the trip includes any possible approach fees. These are calculated at the same rate than the kilometers in charge. Regarding approach fees, you can also determine a certain distance that you agree to do for free.

    The following parameters are taken into account when calculating the price of the trip:

    • Base fare
    • + (number of kilometers)* (price/km)
    • + (number of minutes)* (price per minute)
    • - 1Jo$

    You can also define a minimum fare. Please note that we take into account the traffic conditions at the time the order is submitted.

  • Is the fare fixed?


    The price is always fixed. When you accept an order, you are always informed of it. The fare is calculated on the basis of the tariffs you have freely set. It includes: the possible expenses of approach, the pickup and the trip to the destination. This is, of course, the price of the direct way.

    Please note that other costs are not included in the price. For example: waiting, parking, tolls or cleaning charges.

  • What happens if the customer is not present?

    If the customer is not present at the pick-up address, you will not receive any compensation. Moreover, it is only at the pick-up address that you are able to inform us - via the application - that the customer is not present. If this is the case - and to avoid any misuse - a penalty is imposed on your customer.

    Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you contact your customer when you arrive at the pick-up address.


  • How many drivers can I invite?

    There are no limits. So you can invite and co-operate with as many drivers as you want.

    However, we recommend that you only work with "very good drivers". Indeed,"bad drivers" have no customers. So you have no interest in working with them. On the other hand,"very good drivers" have a much higher occupancy rate and more customers.

  • Can I accept a tip?

    Yes, of course.

    If your customer believes you deserve it, you are free to accept a tip.